Law Enforcement

Resource allocation:

Ever increasing demands place a strain on law enforcement resources nationwide. Communities struggle to balance the reality of their fiscal situation against the duty to provide competent protection to their citizens.

Finite resources demand well-considered allocation and deployment strategies to ensure your agency is utilizing its current assets to their fullest capability. Sometimes, problems can be resolved through effective redeployment of existing resources. In other situations, changing circumstances create the undeniable need for additional staffing. VTS can assist you in evaluating your current strategies, adjusting them - if necessary, and determining the effect of proposed staffing changes on various Workload and Performance Measures.

We know the decisions are ultimately in your hands; our nationally-recognized experts can help you make them with confidence.

Client Concerns / Victory Tactical Solutions:

Is my agency appropriately staffed? No credible consultant will claim there is a universally-recognized standard for “appropriate” staffing; however, VTS experts can evaluate your current staffing levels, where you stand in relation to your peers and the historical record of your agency, and most importantly, the effect of proposed changes in staffing on relevant performance indicators such as Obligated Time, Unobligated Time and Response Time. From this information, we can help you chart the appropriate course for your agency and give you the tools you need to justify your decisions with reasoned analysis and cold, hard facts. Our experts have experience confronting these issues with state and municipal law enforcement as well as police labor unions.

How do I deploy existing resources for optimal benefit? Whatever your deployment concern, we can help. Our experts will study your organization to ensure your deployment strategies are maximizing the efficient and effective delivery of service. We offer top-to-bottom solutions - from the organizational structure of your entire agency down to the individual position level, if necessary. We audit positions, policy, processes, and procedures to ensure they are structured to function in a way that enables your organization to achieve its goals. If scheduling is a concern, our experts have experience in both teaching and consulting regarding the use of 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts as well as Fixed, Unstructured, Locked and Unlocked Rotating Schedules. We can evaluate your Beat (Zone or District) Design Structure to ensure it is geographically coherent and balances workload while reducing the rate of cross-beat dispatches. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us. We look forward to partnering with you.

Federal and State Grants:

Is your department getting its fair share of available funds? Do you have a comprehensive grant acquisition strategy? Do you need assistance with grant writing and/or reporting? Do you need assistance responding to a federal or state grant audit? Do you need assistance composing the project management plan for your technology grant?

Our staff grant specialist has secured and administered multi-million dollar grants and managed the grant acquisition program for one of the ten largest police agencies in the United States. No client is too large or small. Whether you need a full review of your current grant program, are interested in developing one, or are simply seeking assistance with grant writing and reporting, VTS can assist you. Contact us. Your short-term investment in VTS could pay untold future dividends in the success of your funding acquisition efforts.

Tactical Training, Policy Development, and Media Response to Critical Incidents:

An active shooter scenario is unfolding in a school/workplace/mall…

This is a regrettable reality that may face any community at any time. It is generally accepted that “contain and wait for SWAT” is not the appropriate ethic for the Active Shooter response. The first officers on the scene have a moral imperative to stop the action. Agencies have a moral imperative to train them. Anything less than proactive policy and effective training will be received and reported as organizational failure at the highest levels.

VTS can assist in evaluating the status of your current policy, training efforts, and media response plans for the most difficult and high profile incidents faced by law enforcement agencies.

VTS Partners – Beyond Your Normal “Experts”

VTS Partners are a different type of “expert.” Of course our experts have the advanced education one would expect; what distinguishes us is how our education is coupled with practical experience consistent with that of our clients and relevant to their needs. It is easy to communicate with consultants who have directly shared, and thus understand, your experience and challenges.

For example, for police policy development, VTS’s Team Leading Partner is an attorney, but also a seasoned police veteran with over 6 years of policy development experience for a large CALEA Accredited Agency.

For Tactical Training, your Team Leading Partner will have recent Iraq War Combat experience including close-quarters small unit engagements against heavily-armed terrorists. One of these partners is also a JD, another an MBA, and a third has over a decade of teaching experience with a national law enforcement training center. Any of these partners would be coupled with a support partner who is a veteran police officer, attorney and certified police academy instructor.

For your Media Relations Plan, your Team Leading Partner is an attorney and police veteran with extensive Public Relations experience in one of the largest media markets in the United States.

Let us put our unique blend of education, experience and expertise to work for you. If you are interested in learning more about our Tactical Training, Policy Development and Media Response Programs, contact us.

Policy Development – We can aid you in updating your policy or developing new ones in response to current threats. After consultation, we offer policy drafting services with follow up to ensure that the policy adopted by your agency is reflective of your standards and goals.

Tactical Training – We offer on-site small unit Tactical Training, including Rapid Deployment Training. We can work to develop individualized training modules which comport to the response policy adopted by your agency and the unique needs and circumstances of your jurisdiction. Our experts can be retained to consult with your Training Unit and/or Tactical Units regarding our recent experience engaging terrorist operatives in combat.

Media Relations/Post Crisis Management - Failing to prepare in advance for the media storm that will descend after a crisis will result in failure in your ability to accurately convey and justify the well-reasoned policies and mitigation practices that were put in place in anticipation of such events. VTS offers:

• A comprehensive approach for dealing successfully with the media in both routine and crisis events.
• Strategies to create mutually-beneficial relationships with members of the media.
• Tactical communications techniques to ensure your message is delivered clearly, concisely, and ultimately gets broadcasted on-point.
• Strategies to ensure that evidence of quality policy development and decision-making does not get lost because of ineffectual communication.

Planning to meet the threat:

At VTS, our experience taught us that the only way to prevent a catastrophe is to actively prepare for it. Plan to prepare. Prepare to prevent. You cannot simply write a policy, put it on a shelf to gather dust and expect it to protect you by itself. Successful preventive measures are dynamic. They are competently rendered, and they must continually be evaluated and updated. The nature of today's threat is fluid and your policies and plans should evolve to encompass the breadth and scope of the threat. You won't get a check list from us. We will help you plan. We will help you evolve. Click here to read more about meeting 'The Threat'.

Response to terror attacks:

The bomb has already gone off. Multiple casualties are on the ground. What do you do now? The first thing that ought to be remembered: your first responders are still in the crosshairs. We’ve been there, through IED attacks, suicide car bombs, snipers, mortars, rockets and mass casualty events. We will share the benefits of our experience, and teach you to prepare for some of the most favored techniques in the terrorist’s play book.

Leadership solutions:

In today’s chaotic law enforcement and security environment, a forward-thinking, assertive posture is required that also balances and upholds our cherished liberties. It’s not enough for organizations to be managed. They must be led. We will assist you in the development and coaching of leaders throughout your organization using a variety of tools and techniques including the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) which facilitates positive leadership with confidence through periods of stability and chaos. Human capital is the greatest untapped resource in most organizations. The raw material for great leadership may be hidden throughout your ranks. Let us help you unlock it. If you are interested in learning more about our Leadership Solutions, contact us.

Process improvement:

Do your standard operating procedures make sense? Are your policies updated, consistent, and tailored to help your organization achieve its Mission, or have they unfolded as a hodgepodge in reaction to the crisis of the moment? Is there waste is going on inside your organization? Could operations or policy be streamlined to facilitate more efficient and effective delivery of service?

Our Six Sigma Master Black Belt works in conjunction with our seasoned policy developers/attorneys to craft processes and policies which both promote efficiencies and protect your organization. Our Process Improvement/Policy Development Team will partner with the key players in your organization to create solutions that work for you. We will help keep you lean and agile, yet response to the demands of the 21st century. Click here to read more.

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