Media solutions

For Media Professionals:

Are you preparing to provide coverage from one of the world’s hotspots? You may get more than a story if you’re not careful. If you are headed overseas as an embed, we will get you ready with our experience with the local culture, coalition forces military culture, and many practical measures to ensure your survival on battlefields throughout the globe.

If you are interested in scheduling an interview with a VTS partner for a fresh perspective on Military, Law Enforcement, and/or Homeland Security-related issues, e-mail VTS at and a VTS representative will contact you.

VTS Talks with Weekend America about training the Iraqi Army

VTS Leadership Responds to the Virginia Tech Massacre

Media Crisis Management:

VTS provides guidance to private/public sector organizations that want to improve their media relations during a crisis by properly planning before an event occurs.

VTS can offers Training for Public Information Officers/Press Secretaries; Assessments of local media markets and an organization’s role in it; Organizational structures that can be put into place to ensure smooth functionality in a crisis; Comprehensive media strategies for success; Tactical techniques for dealing face to face with the media; Identifying opportunities for positive media coverage; and Creating/implementing systems for getting an organization’s message out to the media quickly and effectively.

Vulnerability assessments:

We worked to keep terrorists and saboteurs out of the second largest oil refinery in Iraq and largest fertilizer plant in the country. We kept bridges, roads, railways and airfields open and operating in the most hostile environment imaginable. If you have a facility that you believe may be vulnerable, it is. Our combat engineering team can assess your weak points and outline low cost alternatives to secure those areas where you are compromised.

Process improvement:

Do your standard operating procedures make sense? Are your policies updated, consistent, and tailored to help your organization achieve its Mission, or have they unfolded as a hodgepodge in reaction to the crisis of the moment? Is there waste is going on inside your organization? Could operations or policy be streamlined to facilitate more efficient and effective delivery of service?

Our Six Sigma Master Black Belt works in conjunction with our seasoned policy developers/attorneys to craft processes and policies which both promote efficiencies and protect your organization. Our Process Improvement/Policy Development Team will partner with the key players in your organization to create solutions that work for you. We will help keep you lean and agile, yet response to the demands of the 21st century. Click here to read more.

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