Government Assistance

Vulnerability assessments:
We worked to keep terrorists and saboteurs out of the second largest oil refinery in Iraq and largest fertilizer plant in the country. We kept bridges, roads, railways and airfields open and operating in the most hostile environment imaginable. If you have a facility that you believe may be vulnerable, it is. Our combat engineering team can assess your weak points and outline low cost alternatives to secure those areas where you are compromised.

Planning to meet the threat:
At VTS, our experience taught us that the only way to prevent a catastrophe is to actively prepare for it. Plan to prepare. Prepare to prevent. You cannot write a policy, put it on a shelf to gather dust and expect it to protect you. Successful preventive measures are dynamic. They are competently rendered, and they must continually be evaluated and updated. The nature of today's threat is fluid and your plan should evolve to encompass the breadth and scope of the threat. You won't get a check list from us. We will help you plan. We will help you evolve. Click here to read more about meeting 'The Threat'

Process improvement:
Do your standard operating procedures make sense? Are your policies updated, consistent, and tailored to help your organization achieve its Mission or have they unfolded as a hodgepodge in reaction to the crisis of the moment? Is there waste is going on inside your organization? Could operations or policy be streamlined to facilitate more efficient and effective delivery of service?

Our Six Sigma Master Black Belt works in conjunction with our seasoned policy developer/attorneys to craft processes and policies which both promote efficiencies and protect your organization. Our Process Improvement/Policy Development Team will partner with the key players in your organization to create solutions that work for you. We will help keep you lean and agile, yet response to the demands of the 21st century. Click here to read more about 'Six Sigma'

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