What's your problem and how are you challenged?

At Victory Tactical Solutions (VTS), that’s what we want to know.

The challenges of the 21st Century are unprecedented. That is why you need us. We’re not a traditional consulting firm. We are practical problem solvers. Theories and world history lessons may be useful in understanding an issue, but do not create workable solutions by themselves. You have a need. You have a budget. We understand that you are seeking “real world” solutions. You do not have the time or resources to waste on a consulting firm that would lead you through an academic exercise that leaves you with more questions than answers. Perhaps you have had that frustrating experience in the past. VTS problem solvers are different.

VTS will work collaboratively to identify your problems and challenges. We will help you craft workable solutions in consideration of the realities of your situation.

It’s a world of unlimited challenges and threats, facing your limited resources. Choose your course wisely. If your problem is such that you require outside expert assistance, contact us to learn more about VTS.

Why “Tactical Solutions?”

The name “Victory Tactical Solutions” was initially selected based on the founding members’ experiences in business, the military and law enforcement. In order to be effective, one must have strategic goals and then a series of linked tactical victories. These linked tactical victories are where most organizations/agencies fail, and why we believe it is necessary to focus on their importance. VTS assists clients with honing their strategic focus, but we are also greatly concerned that strategic goals be executed tactically in order to facilitate their successful achievement. This, we believe, will ultimately lead our clients to “victory” over the various challenges they face.

Who are we?

Like everyone else in this business, VTS problem solvers possess impressive academic credentials. Unlike most everyone else, our formal education is coupled with real world experience. We are not just thinkers who have dreamed up ideas in the safety of controlled environments; we are also doers who have applied them under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

You name it: our problem solvers have been there. We rely on the experience we gleaned in the field. We’ve been police officers, serving high risk warrants and making felony arrests. We’ve developed patrol schedules for entire police departments. We’ve written successful proposals and secured homeland security grants. We’ve protected infrastructure. We’ve been engaged by suicide terrorists. We’ve prevented terror attacks against civilian populations. We’ve been in ground combat. We’ve trained American and foreign soldiers in combat tactics. We’ve kept the peace. We’ve served in war. We’ve served executives at the highest levels of their organizations and know what it means to be responsible for crucial decisions, to be the one “in the arena.”

At VTS, we are ready for the law enforcement and homeland security challenges of the 21st century. The question is: are you?

If you'd like to be, contact us. We will create a solution for you.

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